Every move is a journey. Every death is a journey. Every birth is a voyage. Flight is the winning spirit of the migrating birds…the bird is the Infinite freedom with sprouted wings. The eyes filled with a fear and a shiver…the bird is a being, all time alert, onlooker with a quest. The bird is the wake up call to the society crossing a cold night, slivering the foggy morn with its beak, flying fast with its legs apart.
— Perugu Ramakrishna


Zoe Keating, “Escape Artist”

Lighting Design  

Adam Raine

Costume Design/Construction  

Chadi El-Khoury, Katy McRoberts


Haley Day, Danielle Glynn, Alyssa Gold, Rose Taylor Spann

Kelsi Benage, Emily Berger, Crawford, Kelsey, Erika Edwards, Caroline Fogg, Chasmine Gerschefske, Rachael Hulse, Erin Kane, Daley Kappenman, Hannah Odgers,  Liza Rod, Hannah Studebaker


Keaton Ward Videography